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Spring Creek To Name Gym After The Late Jerry Hatfield

Spring Creek To Name Gym After The Late Jerry Hatfield

    Spring Creek Charter School has announced it will honor the recently deceased Jerry Hatfield.  Hatfield, who was the school’s founding principal, will have the school’s future gymnasium named for him.
    Current Spring Creek Principal Wesley Locke announced the move in a public letter this week, which proclaimed the building will be named the Jerry Hatfield Community Athletic Center.
    Hatfield passed away on November 11.
    Locke’s letter announcing the naming of the building, as well as fundraising for the estimated $2 million project, is printed below: 

Dear Editor,
The Spring Creek Charter School family was saddened to hear of the recent passing of our founding Principal, Mr. Jerry Hatfield. Mr. Hatfield was an exceptional educator who loved his students and their families. He worked tirelessly to provide a school that set high expectations for academic achievement, and also for meeting the needs of the families in the North Lake communities the school served.

Since Mr. Hatfield’s retirement in 2002, Spring Creek has attempted to keep his spirit alive at our school. Jerry stressed academic excellence. But, he also wanted students to learn other skills as well.  The 4-H program was always a staple for students attending Spring Creek. Agriculture and livestock have always been a part of the learning experience. Our current 4-H and FFA clubs are a legacy to what Jerry started. Pony rides for students who did well during the week were always something Jerry’s students looked forward to each Friday! And speaking of Fridays… Who can forget Mr. Hatfield coming into the cafeteria on Fridays, climbing up on the table, and shouting; “Guess what day it is? It’s FRIDAAAAAY!!!”

Jerry was always known as a maverick who wanted more local control of schools and fewer hands in the cookie jar from the school district. Changing to a charter school was just a natural shift for him and his staff. So, in 1997, the school became Spring Creek Charter School, Florida’s first Conversion Charter School!

Mr. Hatfield was a big personality. He made a big impact on his students and their families. Spring Creek Charter School would like to honor his life and contributions to the North Lake community in a big way. Our school has been exploring the possibility of adding 4 to 8 more classrooms and a gymnasium. After consulting with Mr. Hatfield’s family, Spring Creek would like to honor his memory by naming our future gymnasium the Jerry Hatfield Community Athletic Center.

The addition of this gymnasium is a lofty dream for our school and community. This facility would provide our students with a space for athletic events, large whole school events, and other opportunities. The facility could also be used by community groups for athletic leagues and a large meeting space. This is the kind of big goal Mr. Hatfield would have set for his school and community. We are excited to have the opportunity to add Mr. Hatfield’s name to our campus in a permanent way.

The school has started a capital fundraising drive to raise funds to make this dream a reality. Our financial goal is to raise $2,000,000. We will need the help of our local community and businesses to make this happen. The communities served by Mr. Hatfield have benefited greatly from his time as Principal at Altoona Elementary and Spring Creek Charter School. We, at Spring Creek Charter School, extend an invitation to join us as we come together to honor Mr. Hatfield’s legacy in a very special way.

Wes Locke, Principal/CEO, Spring Creek Charter School